About THe Garden

Built and maintained 100% by volunteers, the Emerson Avenue Community Garden (EACGC) offers a sustainable, organic green space for growth and enrichment in Los Angeles' Westchester neighborhood.

emerson avenue community garden

Since 2011, we have been working to turn what was a derelict piece of property in Los Angeles' Westchester neighborhood into a thriving green space to be shared by all for the betterment of the community.

emerson avenue community garden parade 2016

Our Garden's reach is incredibly wide and deep in the community.

On any given day, you'll not only find plot holders diligently tending to their gardens but also: 

Toddlers attending story time & weekly drum circles
Seniors showing up for tours
Neighbors at our annual pancake breakfast
Boy Scouts using the garden for projects & activities
Families enjoying our summer movie nights
Students at WISH Charter & Wright STEAM Middle School
College groups from LMU, UCLA, OTIS & USC
Gardeners taking advantage of classes & workshops
Volunteers donating time & energy to help our garden grow.

Our Future

The garden is at a critical stage of it’s existence, having just completed a Joint Use Agreement with the LAUSD that provides more permanent access to the site for a specific term of 5 years, which allows us to pursue our longterm buildout plans.

Those plans entail re-grading the entire property for proper drainage, moving and redesigning the entrance to be ADA compliant along with wheelchair accessible pathways throughout, adding permanent headers to the plots, and other smaller but important improvements -- all towards creating a more park-like setting for the entire community to enjoy.

Your Support

Your contribution helps sustain the ongoing needs of maintaining the garden, including the upkeep and occasional replacement of tools and other supplies, paying for critical outside services such as tree trimming, and variable expenses such as water, electricity and event signage – along with supporting our buildout plans. 

"Build a Garden.
Grow a Community.”

– The Emerson Avenue Community Garden