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2016 – EPISODE 1

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In this episode we talk about the location of the event, and the sheer magnitude of what’s going on.

2016 – Episode 2

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In this edition, we continue our discussion with WAM Block Party founder John Sharpe, and find out more about the Emerson Ave. Community Garden, what’s going on there now, and what the future has in store…

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Dan is a writer, humorist and world-renowned podcasting pioneer. His award-winning comedy audio-blog “The Bitterest Pill” was called “Intelligent,” “Endearing” and “Sublime” by The New York Times, and contributed to the emergence and popularity of podcasts in the early days of the medium. A “Podcast Pick” by Business Week, The Bitterest Pill was written up in USA Today, The San Jose Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Media Week, Radio Times (UK) and many other publications.

The success of The Bitterest Pill, and Klass’ Old Wave Radio: New 80‘s Music podcast lead to his founding JacketMedia in 2005. As JacketMedia, he has consulted and produced podcasts and new media for SpeedoBWMGrey AdvertisingLA OperaBig Brothers Big Sisters of New York, and many others.